How to buy bitcoin in india after RBI Ban

2 min readFeb 12, 2021


Today, we desire to share a very important aspect of life of every trader- that is -an exchange, where he/she spends most of their time trading (and of course making money). But it’s important to know about this basic platform of the market where you would spend much of your time. It’s not mandatory to register yourself on any particular exchange but doing so rather provides many additional benefits that you couldn’t avail otherwise.

What is a Crypto-Currency Exchange- A crypto-currency exchange is a digital market place where you can buy and sell a wide variety of crypto-assets as well as fiat (traditional) currency. These are also known as DCE (Digital Currency Exchangers). For highly volatile assets such as cryptos; exchange is a perfect place to trade them. There are a variety of reasons as to why a trader requires an exchange. We have listed a few of them and a place to get it all as well.

Why the exchange-

· Instant currency transfers

· On the go trading (mobile apps etc.,)

· Wallets ( to store currency)

· Safety and security of funds

· 24/7 operation

· Referrals and rewards

Where? There are many exchanges where you could get registered but try to look for one which gives utmost priority to the safety and security of your funds as much as it gives to trading such as United Exchange. Many exchanges don’t prioritize your funds, beware! Here we have listed a few qualities of United Exchange so you could consider trading here-

· Definitely prioritizes your (you and your fund’s) safety and security

· Cold wallets to store your hard-earned money (hack-prooooof!!!)

· Two-factor authentication and quick KYC approval

· 24/7 quick deposits and customer support

· Educative platform

· ‘Zero’ withdrawal fees

· Negligible deposit and trading fees

· Margin Trading in vast variety (Indices, Binary, Forex and more)

· Speedy complaint redressal

· Enlisted on many verified platforms

· Amazing reference reward systems

And many more! Visit to gain a deep knowledge today!

We hope this article adds value to your knowledge and supports your healthy decision making. Happy Trading!!




Unitedexchange is a simple platform that you can use to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies and store them in our secure wallets