Buy Bitcoin on United Exchange

  • Directly using your Credit card: United Exchange offers the safest route for your banking transactions, where you can buy Bitcoin directly using your Credit card. Remember to fund your account beforehand with FIAT Currencies. The process is quite short and simple. If your account has the necessary funding, all you need is to go to the deposit BTC option by click on the ‘deposits option’ on the main page and buy the desired amount of BTC.

Follow the steps written below, when you want to deposit money in BTC at United Exchange.

  1. Log into your account and click on the ‘Deposit’ option on the top-left side of the screen. A page like the given below would open. Then click on ‘Deposit’ encircled in yellow.
  1. A window like shown below would appear. Click on the ‘Confirm’ option.
  1. After clicking on the confirm option, a new page would appear with a QR Code and a unique link, which you would copy to transfer Bitcoins.

How to store Bitcoin?

We are done buying the BTC, now the most important thing is to store. The best option is to store in “Wallets”-esp., Cold Wallets (just like the one which UE provides), which are 100 hack-proof and offline.

Now what?

There are a plenty of options available on United Exchange on what to do with your BTC. These are referred below-

  • Holding: You can hold BTC on UE for as long as you want, or as long as you think that the prices are going to increase. Simply store them in our ultra-safe cold wallets.
  • Trade: There are more than 30 crypto-currencies available at our platform, most of which are tradable with BTC. So, GO AHEAD, and trade all you want! Not to forget we charge a very minimal trading fee of only- 0.2%.
  • Send: Easily send anyone, anywhere around the world, which have BTC Balances in their wallets.
  • Enhance knowledge: Visit our website’s main page Unitexechange blogs and read extensive blogs about Crypto and all related concepts. Don’t worry! We update them regularly!!



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Unitedexchange is a simple platform that you can use to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies and store them in our secure wallets